Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay

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About Me

Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay is a physician who practices in Findlay, Ohio. He is a co-owner of Findlay American ProsthFetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc. and a practitioner. The organization assists persons with impairments in receiving rehabilitation. He is also a Certified Prosthetist / Orthotist (C.P.O.).

As a practitioner, he assists clients with limb loss and instability in regaining as much mobility and function as possible. He performs this service out of a desire to serve others.

Berman has a number of credentials. Being a Prosthetic Practitioner, Orthotic Practitioner, and Pedorthotic Provider are all part of the job. He use his abilities to assist those who are experiencing serious obstacles in their lives as a result of accidents, disease, or other causes of impairment.